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Hear about the 3.11 Disaster from the Survivors Themselves!

The earthquake and tsunami which ravaged the Tohoku region of Japan on March 11, 2011 left many without their jobs, homes, and families.
Freelance writer Isshow Con, working in collaboration with NPO staff in Tohoku have started working on creating new job opportunities for the survivors.

One type of opportunity is achieved by finding organizations willing to host paid talks with tsunami survivors as they recount their experiences with frequent earthquakes, the tsunami, nuclear reactor damage, misleading news and harmful rumors. 

Organizations planning to host talks are requested to provide an honorarium and all travel related expenses including airfare, lodging, local transportation, meals, etc.

Please contact me if you would like to support the victims and are interested in such a presentation.
More information is available at my website at:hisaisha-voice.blogspot.com

E-mail: conisshow@gmail.com (Isshow Con)
Please write "KOUEN" on the subject line.
TEL: 090-7802-3065 (PM1:00-10:00 in Japan)
Time Difference between Japan and your country
Business Information (in English)
Press releases (in Japanese)

We accept PayPal as a payment method for “Let’s Hear Survivor’s  Talks” taking place outside of Japan. 

For those employed by foreign embassies, foundations, foreign-owned corporations, schools, academic conferences, travel agencies, NGOs, charitable organizations, business firms, and/or those working with foreign corporations on regular basis, please send e-mail to us by including “KOUEN” at the beginning of subject line if you wish to bring the talks to outside of Japan.

For venues outside of Japan, we request that you arrange interpretation as these speakers' English abilities are very limited.
Coordinators fluent in Japanese will also be required to accompany the speakers from arrival to departure.

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